Project team management: lead people to success (PMP® prep)

PMBOK5  compliant guide on project team management. Discover your potential as a team manager!

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  • 18 lectures
  • 2 hours of content
  • Practical quizes
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Would you like to become more confident as a project team manager? Would you like to boost the productivity of your team?

Lead people to success and make a positive change in your career.
  • Plan Human Resource Management
  • Acquire Best Project Team
  • Develop Project Team and Improve Performance
  • Manage Project Team on a day-to-day basis

Team management is not a secret knowledge restricted to charismatic individuals. You can become a great team manager by learning proper tools and techniques.

This course will give you a deep understanding of the human resource management aspect in a project environment. You will learn how to plan in advance the processes of team management, and how to apply best tools and methods to acquire, develop and manage project team.

High-quality videos and engaging quizzes don’t let you get bored!

The course is driven by the best practices recommended by PMBOK® Guide, which is the globally recognized standard for the project management profession. By learning and applying their best practices you can join the globally recognized project management professionals.

What is the target audience?
  • project managers
  • team leaders
  • project management team members
  • project management office experts
  • project sponsor
  • CAPM and PMP candidates
  • anyone interested in project team management
What will I learn at the end of the course?
  • understand human resource management in the project
  • elaborate project human resource management plan
  • acquire, develop and manage project team
  • pass CAPM and PMP exams questions about Project Human Resource Management


Section 1: Introduction
Introduction to the course 02:14
Project HR Management – what it’s about? 03:32
Project HR Management knowledge area 3 questions
Section 2: Planning goes first
What do you need to start planning? 05:30
Best tools and techniques in planning HR management 10:42
The HR Management Plan (download a template) 09:55
Plan HR Management – assess what you have learned 3 questions
Section 3: Acquire Project Team
How to acquire best project team? 09:43
Acquire Project Team – assess what you have learned 3 questions
Section 4: Develop Project Team
Developing project team – key points 05:00
Develop project team – what do you need? 01:30
Best tools and methods for team development 07:28
Team performance assessments 02:37
Develop Project Team – assess what you have learned 3 questions
Section 5: Manage project team
Managing project team – key points and inputs 03:45
How to manage project team? Tools and techniques 03:37
Team management outputs 02:04
Manage Project Team – assess what you have learned 3 questions
Section 6: BONUS: frequently asked topics
Premature termination: how to remove a stigma? 03:01
Project management team 01:03
Team building process – Tuckman ladder  |  Preview on youtube youtube  06:42
Theory X and Y 02:16
Bonus section – assess what you have learned 3 questions
Section 7: Summary and evaluation
RECAP: project human resource management 02:41
Check your knowledge 10 questions