On December 3, 2015

Communication blockers

Communication blocker is something that blocks the effective communication, it’s something that people do, not always intentionally, but the effects are negative both on the other project team members and the project as a whole.
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On November 11, 2015

Claiming PDUs – changes in PMI’s CCR Program are coming

If you submit your PDUs before 1st December, you are in game with the old rules. But all PDUs claimed after this date will be a subject to the new CCR Program. This change is a PMI’s response to the changing environment requiring from project managers to possess a set of competences – a combination
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On September 26, 2015

PMP changes postponed till 16th January 2016

Although this information is already more than a month old, I thought it will be good just to ensure that you got it.   Previously PMP changes were planned to be introduced on 2nd November 2015, but it appeared that the date was too early for some stakeholders, mainly for tranings providers. According to the updated
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On June 24, 2015

New PMP Content Outline (June 2015)

A several weeks ago we have informed that PMI  issued a draft version of PMP Content Outline. Now PMI has published the complete Examination Content Outline. Together with the PMBOK Guide, this document is the most important source and syllabus for PMP exam. It was updated with the cross-cutting knowledge and skills and can be
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On June 15, 2015

What is PMO?

PMO is an abbreviation for Project Management Office – an organizational unit which defines and maintains project management standards within an organization. It can be a separate department or a group ofpeople selected to perform the PMO’s roles. The main goal of PMO is to achieve better results in managing projects by sharing experience, standardizing
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On May 18, 2015

Qualitative versus quantitative risk analysis

Many people get confused about qualitative and quantitative risk analysis. What is the difference? Which one is better? Should I do both? This article reflects the differences between qualitative and quantitative risk analysis and gives the advices on the project risk management approach. Plan in advance Best practices recommend to start risk management activities with
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On May 5, 2015

How to perform a BRAINSTORMING session

The word “brainstorming” is very often used around the workplace, especially in a project environment.  In fact, this is one of the most popular techniques used in project management. Did you have a chance to use it? Was it effective?You can find brainstorming among tools and techniques of many PMBOK Guide processes. Just have a look:
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On May 4, 2015

PMP® exam is changing in 2015

How the PMP exam will change? The five domains of practice (initiating, planning, executing, monitoring and controlling, closing) remain the same. However, tasks within these domains will be modified, added, or removed. At this moment, PMI says that the new exam outline is still in the draft mode, so changes are still possible. The final
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On April 15, 2015

Costs under control: how to manage project budget?

Would you like to learn how to elaborate project budget and keep the costs under control? There is an excellent course for you with a special discount – only for 39 EURO! Learn best practices of project cost management and make a positive change in your career. Plan Cost Management Estimate Costs Determine Budget Control
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