Communications for project managers

PMBOK5® Guide compliant course on project communication management.

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  • 17 lectures
  • 1.5 hours of content
  • Practical quizes
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Half of unsuccessful projects fail due to ineffective communication. How to prevent your project from falling into this shameful statistic?

Learn best practices of project communiction management and make a positive change in your career.

  • Identify communication requirements
  • Discover best technologies
  • Choose proper methods
  • Build a great plan
  • Manage day to day communications
  • Control effectiveness of project communications

Professional methods and tools at your fingerprint!

Communications management is not a secret knowledge restricted to project management experts. You can learn it on your own and make a use of it in practice.

This course will give you a deep understanding of the communications management aspect of projects. You will learn how to plan in advance the project communications, and how to apply best tools and methods to manage communications effectively throughout the project.

The course is driven by the best practices recommended by PMBOK5® Guide, which is the globally recognized standard for the project management profession. Learn their best practices and join the community of project management professionals.

Do you want to pass PMP exam? This course is for you! It covers all processes in project communications management and can perfectly prepare you to the exam through our challenging quiz questions.


What is the target audience?
  • project managers
  • project assistants
  • project management team members
  • project management office experts
  • project sponsor
  • CAPM and PMP candidates
  • anyone interested in project team management
What will I learn at the end of the course?
  • build a great communications management course
  • identify communications requirements of project stakeholders
  • discover best communication technologies
  • choose proper communication methods
  • manage day to day project communications
  • control the effectiveness of project communications
  • answer CAPM and PMP exam questions about communications management





Section 1: The power of communication
Lecture 1 Introduction |  Preview on youtube youtube 03:51
Lecture 2 How to contact me? Text
Section 2: Communications management according to the PMBOK Guide
Lecture 3 Project communications management knowledge area 02:07
Lecture 4 Plan communications process 04:06
Lecture 5 6 steps to a great communication plan 13:45
Lecture 6 Manage vs Control Communications 02:40
Lecture 7 Manage Communications inputs, outputs, tools and techniques 05:24
Lecture 8 Zoom: performance reports 03:56
Lecture 9 Control Communications inputs, outputs, tools and techniques 05:17
Section 3: Bonus
Lecture 10 Communication in project teams – Tuckman ladder, theory of team development 07:11
Lecture 11 4 simple communication tips 02:04
Lecture 12 Communication blockers 06:36
Section 4: Templates, samples and ideas that you can use in your projects
Lecture 13 Communications plan – basic 1 page
Lecture 14 Communications management plan – advanced 5 pages
Lecture 15 Project status report 1 page
Lecture 16 Minutes of the meeting 2 pages
Section 5: PMP – learn through example questions (quiz + explanation)
Quiz 1 Test your knowledge and prepare for PMP 10 questions
Lecture 17 Disclaimer Text