Project cost management: how to manage project budget?

PMBOK5® Guide compliant course on project cost management.

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  • 30 lectures
  • 2 hours of content
  • Practical quizes
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Would you like to learn how to elaborate project budget and keep the costs under control?

Learn best practices of project cost management and make a positive change in your career.
  • Plan Cost Management
  • Estimate Costs
  • Determine Budget
  • Control Costs

Cost management is not a secret knowledge requiring accounting expertise. You can learn it on your own!

High-quality videos and engaging quizzes don’t let you get bored!

This course will give you a deep understanding of the cost management aspect of projects. You will learn how to plan in advance the processes of cost management, and how to apply best tools and methods to estimate costs, determine budget and control project costs.
  • Earned value management
  • TCPI
  • Cost and schedule performance index
  • Analogous, parametric, bottom-up and three-point estimating

Professional methods and tools at your fingerprint!

The course is driven by the best practices of the PMBOK® Guide, which is the globally recognized standard for the project management profession. Learn their best practices and join the community of project management professionals.

Do you want to pass PMP exam? This course is for you! It covers all processes in project cost management and can perfectly prepare you to the exam by practicing challenging quiz questions.

What is the target audience?
  • project managers
  • project assistants
  • project management team members
  • project management office experts
  • project sponsor
  • CAPM and PMP candidates
  • anyone interested in project team management
What will I learn at the end of the course?
  • plan in advance the cost management in the project
  • elaborate cost management plan
  • estimate costs required to accomplish project activities
  • determine project budget
  • assess project cost performance
  • pass CAPM and PMP exam questions about cost management


Section 1: Introduction
Introduction 02:25
A few statistics 01:35
Cost management in the project 02:22
Section 2: Plan how you will manage costs
Why should you plan cost management? 01:07
What you need before you start planning? (inputs) 04:19
How to plan cost management? (tools and techniques) 03:22
Cost management plan 01:52
Plan cost management – quiz 10 questions
Section 3: Estimate costs
What do you need to estimate costs? 02:41
Types of estimates 02:07
How to estimate? 01:23
Technique 1 – Analogous estimating 01:29
Technique 2 – Parametric estimating 01:19
Technique 3 – Bottom-up estimating 00:51
Technique 4 – Three-point estimating  |  Preview on youtube youtube 01:57
Reserve Analysis 02:41
Other tools and techniques for cost estimating 03:56
Estimate costs – results 04:14
Estimate costs 10 questions
Course Feedback Checkpoint Text
Section 4: Determine budget
5 steps to create the project budget 02:31
Budget refinements 01:21
Determine budget – inputs, outputs, tools & techniques 03:00
Determine budget 10 questions
Section 5: Control costs
Introduction to the Control Cost process 01:18
What do you need to control costs? 02:07
What do you actually do in this process? 01:38
Earned value management 04:17
Forecasting 03:28
To-Complete Performance Index 00:53
Variance and trend analysis 01:43
Other tools to consider for cost controlling 01:45
Cost Control outputs 02:27
Control costs 10 questions