On March 31, 2015

Theory X and Theory Y

Do people need supervision?

The Theory X and Y was developed by the American professor Douglas McGregor. It describes two opposite viewpoints on the motivation of employees and the management styles related to them.


Theory X assumes that employees generally do not like their jobs and if they didn’t have to, they would rather do not work at all. They do not like to take the responsibility, and do not have any higher expectations related with their careers. According to this theory, the manager have to ensure constant supervision over the employees and always verify whether they fulfill their responsibility. What is more, each specific action has to be followed by a punishment or recognition, depending on the result. Theory X managers are like dictators who rigidly control their subordinates.

Theory Y is the exact opposite of the previous one. According to it, people simply like their jobs, are ambitious and motivated and can derive satisfaction from fulfilling their responsibilities. Having all that in mind, managers Y don’t have to constantly control their employees. They should rather listen to them and support them, because –  assuming the right motivation and proper expectations –  people are committed to the goal and a proper work environment encourages their creativity and thinking “out of the box”.

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